Here To Handle Seller And Broker Liability Claims

When you are buying a home or property, your trust lies in what your broker or seller is telling you. Yet, as you settle into your newly bought territory, you may discover undisclosed defects or even face disputes about incorrect use of your land. When this happens, you may pursue a seller or broker liability claim, and a qualified real estate attorney can help protect your interests. Our lawyers at DorenfeldLaw, Inc., are skilled in tackling various real estate issues and are prepared to tackle any issues you may be facing regarding seller or broker liability.

We also represent sellers and brokers in disputes with buyers and other interested parties, such as finance providers or insurers.

Based in Agoura Hills, our firm has been handling seller and broker liability issues throughout Southern California for over 20 years. When you work with us, you can rely on our knowledge of Los Angeles real estate disputes, California state laws, as well as our experience in aggressive litigation.

Your Seller Or Broker Liability Issue Is Worth The Fight To Protect Your Interests

Whether you have just put in a down payment, have been living at your home for years — or as a seller or broker face accusations of wrongdoing — any issues that bring into question a seller’s or broker’s liability is worth standing up for. Examples of issues that may determine a seller’s or broker’s responsibility include:

  • Misrepresented boundary lines
  • Misrepresented repairs or undisclosed defects
  • Undisclosed conflicts of interest between your seller and broker

Issues like misrepresented boundary lines have the ability to affect neighboring properties. Before too many parties get involved in such a conflict, it is essential to speak with an experienced lawyer. If you are considering to sue your seller or broker for failing to disclose important information prior to the sale — or if you have been sued as a seller or broker — our team at DorenfeldLaw, Inc., can walk you through the process of filing a liability claim.

Discuss Your Situation With An Experienced Attorney

You may believe your seller or broker may be guilty of negligence or breach of fiduciary duty. You may be the seller or broker under accusation. You may be grappling with property-related damages or disputes on either side of a dispute. Whatever the case is, do not delay speaking with an attorney. To secure a free initial consultation with us, you can either email us or call us at 888-678-5933.