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In these unprecedented and trying times, peace of mind is at a premium. One way to create some peace is to plan ahead so you can ensure that your family and assets are protected. One of the best ways to obtain this type of peace of mind is to consider an estate plan. Most know that having a Will allows you to determine who your assets will be distributed to after one’s passing. However, proper estate planning may include the creation of a Living Trust which will allow you to manage your estate before you pass, thereby putting control in your hands instead of in the hands of a court.

A Living Trust allows the person setting up the trust (the “Grantor” or “Settlor”) to place assets into the trust (including real estate holdings, bank accounts, vehicles, insurance policies and other personal property) and to manage those assets until passing. The Trust can also include instructions about what happens to these assets after the passing of the Grantor, giving the Grantor peace of mind well beyond today.

Trusts can provide you with significant benefits including:

  • Avoiding the costly and time-consuming probate process;
  • Reducing Estate Taxes;
  • Avoiding wastes of time and money;
  • Reducing uncertainty;
  • Protecting beneficiaries; and
  • Protecting assets

Get Professional And Personal Guidance

Because there are a variety of different types of Trust Agreements which can be created to suit your specific needs, it is important to contact an experienced professional to help you understand and plan for the future. Please contact us to discuss Estate Planning options available.