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Whether you run a small business on the corner or a large corporation, you are going to face legal agreements and concerns on an almost daily basis. From the contracts you sign with your vendors to the multimillion-dollar merger you are trying to negotiate, you need to know that your business is making wise, informed decisions. Attorney David Dorenfeld and the team at DorenfeldLaw, Inc., offer the services of a Los Angeles business law firm to businesses of all sizes in the greater Los Angeles area. With the help of our firm, your business can structure itself to put it in line for success, knowing that you are operating in line with the law while protecting your best interests when signing contracts and agreements.

Los Angeles Business Attorney With A Goal-Oriented Approach

When it comes to handling business matters, our lead attorney helps clients by stressing a goal-oriented strategy. Our firm helps clients clearly define their business goals, then work with them to come to agreements that are in line with those goals. Whether working out a contract or an agreement, creating a management strategy, or doing some other type of transactional work, we will help you keep your goals in mind, so you make wise choices.

Comprehensive Business Services

Our firm offers small-business management and corporate management services, with Mr. Dorenfeld serving as legal counsel to Los Angeles businesses of all sizes. He also assists with contracts and agreements, helping clients draft contracts that work in their best interests, while also helping them understand the implications of the agreements they are asked to sign. Our firm’s legal services include transactional work and preparing and reviewing the documents connected to mergers and acquisitions.

Vigorous Representation In Litigation

Our attorney represents businesses of all sizes, and sometimes employees, in litigation involving vendors, suppliers, customers, insurers, property owners and other interested parties. Mr. Dorenfeld is equally proficient and willing to handle cases on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants in conflicts over:

Insurance Defense Services

In addition to helping injured individuals, our firm represents clients in insurance defense cases. Insurance companies and their business owner clients can ensure they are not being held liable for unjust claims after an accidental injury. When serving in an insurance defense capacity, our legal team provides the same personal attention and tireless energy that all of the firm’s clients receive.

Personal Attention From A Business Attorney In Los Angeles

At DorenfeldLaw, Inc., we are known for creating a personal dynamic with clients on every case we handle, with a focus on integrity and results. It does not matter how large or small your company is, you can be certain that we will take the time to get to know you, your business structure and your goals. This will instill confidence in you that we have your best interests at heart, helping you make wise, informed choices about growing your business.

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