Facing A Construction-Related Dispute? We Can Help.

While they can be prevented, construction-related disputes often turn up at various stages of a construction project. Defect claims, pay-related disputes and other conflicts may involve multiple parties. It could be that a real estate broker failed to disclose certain defects of the property before selling it. Maybe a tenant was wrongly accused of damaging a landlord’s home when in fact, a construction defect was the real culprit.

Because of how complex and stressful construction-related disputes can be, it is helpful to work with an experienced attorney who can offer strategic resolutions and execute skilled litigation when needed.

At DorenfeldLaw, Inc., we have been managing construction-related disputes for over 20 years. When you put your construction dispute in our hands, you can rely on our knowledge of California real estate disputes, as well as our dedication to prioritizing your individual needs. Although our firm is based in Agoura Hills, we represent clients throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Failure To Disclose

A property seller, a construction contractor or a broker may have failed to disclose a known defect such as:

  • Drainage problems leading to flooding on a property
  • Foundation cracks or similar defects
  • Mold growth under stucco siding
  • A title defect such as an unresolved mechanic’s lien
  • A building feature such as a staircase that was not constructed to code specifications or did not pass a required inspection before the sale of the property
  • Payment issues having to do with a change order or delay in claim

Whatever your losses or potential losses or gains in any construction or property-related dispute, we are ready to build a strong case in support of your point of view.

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